How It Works

FX Tools turns historical and current FOREX data into accurate, easy-to-understand price forecasts.

FX Tools finds currency trends that have a “wave” structure. Using a series of highly complex algorithms— FX Tools deciphers the trends and data to predict high probability points of where the next price move will begin.

You don’t have to know terms like Fibonacci Levels and Elliot Waves ... or have an advanced degree in predictive analytics to determine future currency prices and trends. Because FX Tools does all of the work for you—running intricate formulas behind the scenes... turning them into user-friendly results.

Our special forecasting methodology and analysis harnesses cutting edge technology to provide you with future currency price predictions—helping you find the best FOREX trading opportunities available.

Access FX Tools In Two Ways:

Fully Responsive Design


Simply log into your FX Tools account to find the most accurate and timely currency price forecasts.

Cross Browser Support

Other Trading Platforms

Use FX Tools in combination with software such as Metastock, Metatrader, etc. to incorporate price prediction with your favorite formulas and trading algorithms.

A Word From FX Tools Founder Vlad Karpel

After a successful career as Executive Vice President and Head of Technology at OptionXpress—from inception through 2007, I’ve spent the last decade helping independent investors make smarter, clearer, and more profitable trading decisions.

I designed FX Tools because I wanted to give FOREX traders like yourself an easy, accurate way to predict and forecast currency prices and trends. Allowing you to get a leg up on the market and target more precise profits.

While FX Tools interface is simple to use—hundreds of complex algorithms are running behind the scenes—computing historical and real-time data into useful price forecasts.

Creating this trading platform is my life’s work. I’ve literally helped thousands of individual investors target more profitable trades over the last 10 years.

I truly hope allow me to help you become a more successfully trader this year.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, simply ask, and I will answer!

Photo of Vlad Karpel

Vlad Karpel
Vlad Karpel
Founder, FX Tools

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What's Included in Your FX Tools Membership

Easy to Customizable

Real-Time Currency Pricing

Choose from the following currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY.
FX Tools shows you all the basics: Day Open, Previous Close, Change, High, Low, Spread

Includes PSD Layers

Accurate Price Forecasts

Based on a series of complex algorithms that sample and analyze currency "wave" patterns, you'll view FOREX price predictions for the following timeframes: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 month.

Colors Customization

Custom Historical Price Charts

Select a custom date range and view historical prices in a candlestick or line graph. You can also compare the FX Tools predicted price against the actual historical price.

Includes Custom Widgets

One-Click Data Downloads

Want to run the data through additional analysis and research? Simply download FX Tools' historical and predicted prices into an Excel CSV file with a click of the mouse. FX Tools makes it extremely easy to export currency data and work it into your own analysis.

Membership Plans & Pricing

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When you have exclusive access to the most precise FOREX price predictions around, you have the potential to unlock more profitable trades—allowing you to become the successful trader you were meant to be.

You’re really at a disadvantage if you’re not using price prediction in your research to spot trends and trading opportunities. To put it mildly... you’re missing out on a lot of profit opportunities.

Because even being slightly “off” on pricing can cost you a lot. If you aren’t using the best real-time pricing available, you’re not going to fully maximize your gains.

However, when you’re an FX Tools member, you’ll have immediate access to the most accurate intraday, daily, and monthly FOREX price predications available.

You can rest assured that you’re using the most precise, REAL-TIME currency data available. Because FX Tools runs historical FOREX prices and trends through complex algorithms— translating intricate data into easy-to-understand currency price calculations.

Download historical and forecasted pricing... review comprehensive charts and graphs...and track the most relevant currency comparisons—all from the convenience of one simple to understand software.

No Learning Curve Required!

FX Tools is so easy to use, in only a few minutes you'll find the most profitable currency trends...just like an expert!


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